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SPIRITUAL COACHING   –  Once you have surrendered to The Divine completely, You are Free as a bird. Able to fly anywhere or do anything. So do not be afraid, Commit yourself and Discover Infinity……………….

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

All of us pray to God. But do we actually know how to pray? The Goddesses/ Gods are powerful energies who can help & guide us a lot. Do we understand how a relationship is developed with the Gods ? How  can we Love them and feel their Love in return. How we can ask for favours and get  them. How we can be protected by them physically & mentally. How we can BE FREE in this life. FREE TO LIVE without Fear. Always in LOVE with All that we see. Always at PEACE.

We all want Peace & Happiness. And we feel Money or Romantic Love will give us Happiness, so we run after them. But as all great ones have said, Happiness lies inside You. You only have to unlock the chamber to your heart and feel the energy of The Universe- ALL PREVADING LOVE.

Spirituality is more than what is commonly understood. It means getting the mind in control, getting the emotions in control. Acquiring a poise in all circumstances. No reactions based on duality. It means discretion and dispassion. It means a Love affair with Nature.

We can assist you here if you want to understand what are the initial steps to be taken for growth. When we understand the Spiritual Laws and we start living according to them our lives become easier. The struggle & obstacles are removed and we are more peaceful. We Flow.

All worldly problems are also essentially spiritual in nature. Once we have established a working Loving relationship with The Divine, our worldly problems also get solved. Money matters are taken care of, health perks up, emotional issues get solved, things get taken care of. This has been my personal experience. Today my life is peaceful and plentiful, All thanks to The grace of My Divine Mother Kali.

Now I  would ask everyone to claim their right to living in peace by being connected with The Gods. I can help you with my experiences and teach you how to start walking your path.


All you questions will be answered. All your doubts clarified from a practical perspective. A short capsule will be undertaken, thereafter you practise on your own. So if you want to understand the Master Key CALL US .


Divine Mother Bless You

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