Our Soul Purpose or Sole Purpose

Our Soul Purpose or Sole Purpose

Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.            (Mat 7.7)

I am an International Certified Success Coach   and a Master Spirit Life Coach. Research clearly shows that over 90 % people live incongruent  lives of sheer existence, bound in routine, fearing any change, doing the same thing for years, bored but still doing it. Days turning into weeks into months of a dull nameless, faceless life. Safe in their comfort zone. Are you one of them ?

Do you have a Goal oriented life or an automatic robotic existence. Do you feel alive or just pass time with mindless entertainment, beer, TV, movies etc.




Most times we are our worst enemy, we say our dreams are childish or  too tough. Lot of  people say they want to be peaceful, or have no time. They are the lazy ones. Deep down they  know.  They  kill their dreams afraid to fight for it. These people lead directionless lives and have a troubled old age.

YOU MUST NEVER STOP DREAMING. Many times we see our dreams shattered, but still we should dream. It is a soul level function. As we listen to the inner voice, our Soul Purpose emerges. So search you heart, dream and fight for it. The fight, the effort, the process is important to the Soul.

We are here to evolve. Grow emotionally, spiritually, professionally or personally. GROW. All growth takes effort. Pay the price for growth. That will make you feel enthusiastic, alive, energetic, happy & healthy which is what everyone wants.

You decide WHO YOU ARE Every Single moment of your life

Life is a choice. IT IS YOUR LIFE. Choose consciously, choose wisely,


May the Divine Mother give you the Courage and Wisdom to follow your Soul Purpose. May you live an enriched & fulfilled Life.

May The Divine Mother Bless You.

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