My Dear Divine Mother Kali

I was lost in the muddy waters of my life, groping in the dark when You held out your Loving Hand for me. You guided me, gave me the courage and the discipline to change my environment. You taught me the Path. You opened the right doors for me, sent forth the right Teachers, unknown people who just taught and disappeared. You gave me the Faith to follow the Signs and You brought me close to Your bosom.

Today each moment, I spend in gratitude as I realise how caring as a Mother You are. You have taken care of the most trivial of my needs, without even asking.

You are my Adya, my Dear Maa, and I would like to offer whatever karmas I may perform to you, without exception. My life is Yours to Teach and to Use. I do nothing, All is Only You. My victories and errors are All Yours. Fill my heart with enthusiasm and May I never get tired. May I experience All that You deem fit for me . Above All Maa May I Always Love.

Tears spring into my eyes as I feel your intense Love. Maa all I need is Your Grace, Your Hand on my head.

As I move ahead in Life stumbling, O my Beloved Mother I am certain that someone will correct every mistake of mine, someone will drag me out of every ditch I fall into. Someone will protect me. I surrender to You Maa and I set myself free.

Maa, I know, finally You will hold my hand and Guide me Home to You.
Deepest Gratitude
Sandip Ghai

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